Rabbit Ears With Fur Natural Dewormer


Rabbit ears with fur

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Rabbit Ears with Fur/Hair Dog Treat

Great chews for dogs with sensitive digestions or which suffer from allergies. 100% Natural, no additives or preservatives! Single source ingredient – Grain & Gluten-Free

High in protein and low in fat. Considered a low fat alternative to Pigs Ears

100% natural and have been slowly dried to produce a treat which will keep your dog occupied and give them all the nutrients they need.

Low odour so no need to send them outside!

  • All of our Rabbit Ears are responsibly sourced in Europe and FEDIAD Approved!
  • Loved by all Dog Owner
  • High protein content
  • Perfect for all smaller breeds
  • Small and lightweight so can be fed as a training treat or as snack in-between meals.
  • Great Low fat high protein treat

Dog Treat with fur/hair are becoming a very popular choice for dog owners as they are 100% natural and there is not processed nor do they have any nasty chemicals added to then. They are taken straight from the Rabbit and then slowly air dried at 180 degrees to product a healthy nutritional treat perfect for all dogs. Natural ears with fur are known to be a natural wormer for dogs.

 Benefits of feeding fur products:

  • Help to solidify stool, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Are 100% Natural with no added chemicals


100% Rabbit Ears

Analytical constitutions: 


Crude Ash (%) 7.00

Crude Fat (%) 14.82

Crude Protein 70.56

Moisture(%) 7.62


100g, 1kg, 200g, 2kg, 500g


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